Sparta FC is happy to announce our new found #Partnership with Little Fitness Injury

Little Fitness Injury offers the perfect option for clubs who struggle to afford full time Fitness Professionals and Physiotherapist/Sports Therapists to get their players through the season. 

This program enables teams:

– 24/7 access at fingertips for professional fitness and injury/rehabilitation guidance, advice, motivation, support, etc 
– Warm-ups incorporated with Prehabilitation focus
– Fitness tests
– Pre-season fitness sessions 
– Progressive fitness plans throughout season
– Fitness test/reviews every 8 weeks
– **Exclusive: Christmas break workouts to keep players conditioned
– Education on player recovery
– Injury consultancy
– Injury management education 
– Rehabilitation back to pre-injury performance levels (Video footage access required)
– GP referral letters upon request

Little Fitness injury will be supporting Sparta FC throughout the Season, Offering us the above service. A professional service that NO OTHER GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL CLUB IN TELFORD HAS. We at Sparta FC are investing back in our children and making sure they have the BEST possible care and opportunity we can give them.

Thank you #littlefitnessinjury for your support in our youth club.

If you would like personal or team packages please see the website