Well what a weekend for #SpartaFC… please read to the end as we are #proud of each and every child that we coach and they deserve recognition…

First off was our #MiniSparta session, every child trained extreamely hard today and gave the coaches all headaches when trying to pick Star of the week (ages 3-5) and Player of the Week (ages 6-9).

However tough decisions were made and we would like to congratulate;

Jaamil who was our star of the week. Jaamil worked really hard, stayed focused and showed great skills today. Well done Jaamil!! keep up the good work.

Kieron was our Player of the week. He showed great #dribbling skills and #passing accuracy, he also then translated that into the match at the end. Well done Kieron!!

Secondly we had our First Ever friendly at #U7. The boys and girls had never played a match before but they did so well! They battled hard and even managed to score a goal. Well done to all of the team; Luke (our captain today), Jude, Kai, Shayne, Finnley, Isabel, Arthur & Kieron. You all played your hearts our and made every parents heart melt. You did a great job we are so #proud

Thirdly our #girls #represented #TelfordUtd this morning in #CharityCup#Finals
Eden and Mai although the battled hard unfortunately it wasnt there day and the took a narrow defeat of 2-0.

Izzy was on the winning side this morning and is now a charity cup winner defeating the opposition 2-1.

We would like to say how #proud we are of all 3 of our girls and it was a massive #achievement to get to the finals! you have made headway for other girls playing for Sparta FC and we hope your amazing progress continues. You should all be so proud of yourselves!

We would also like to send a #Massive Sparta FC welcome to Mark Tiptonand Andy Lea. The boys are brining their players and parents across to Sparta FC for the 2019/20 season. We are so happy to be welcoming them to join our #Footballfamily. We are certain all will have a positive experience with us and we cant wait for the new season to begin. 
We would also like to welcome Michael Churm and Adam Wagstaff who will be taking the roles of manager and assistant for our newly formed U7 team. If today was anything to go by we are excited of what will come from the boys and girls and are looking forward to watching them grow and develop.

#Tomorrow sees our U10 and 2x U11 team head to the Molinuex. Our boys and girls will get the experience of playing on a #premierleague pitch in a #nationaltournament. A fantastic opportunity that doesnt come round often. An experience that will never be forgotten. Many Pictures and a write up of the day will be posted tomorrow.