Inclusion and Anti-discrimination

Sparta Fc take Inclusion and Anti-discrimination seriously if you have any concerns please contact the club officials immediately on 0844 3579140

or contact  The Club Officials Here , you can contact kwasi by clicking  Club Welfare


Report your concerns in confidence 

Instilling confidence in reporting discrimination is a key goal of our collective inclusion and anti-discrimination work across the game. This section provides guidance on reporting and highlights the various routes for reporting concerns.

When discriminatory behaviour takes place, those who witness it – or are the victim of it – need to be able to report it quickly, and to the right people. The reporting process needs to be easy and confidential. Plus, those who make reports must be confident that their concerns or experiences will be heard and, where necessary, dealt with promptly and appropriately.


What is discriminatory behaviour?

Discriminatory abuse includes a reference to any one or more of the following ‘protected characteristics’, covered by the Equality Act, 2010:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion and belief
  • Sex (gender)
  • Sexual orientation

If you see or hear discrimination in football whether it be on the pitch, at the training ground or in the stands, please contact us Immediately to report it. We’ll acknowledge your report and tell you what will happen next.

When contacting us please include the following information:

  • Who you are and your contact details
  • What happened, where, when, the game/league/people involved
  • Why you think this event constitutes discrimination


Four FA films animated by celebrated artist and creator of “You are the Ref”, Paul Trevillion, address the under-reporting of discrimination in the game and encourage those who feel that they have been discriminated against to report it.

The films  explain to participants and supporters how to report discrimination at both professional and grassroots level.



You can download Kick It Out’s app, which allows you to report confidentially using film and video. In addition, Kick It Out employs a dedicated Reporting Officer, funded by The FA, whose role it is to support and monitor incidents across the game and liaise regularly with The FA, the Leagues, CFAs and clubs as well as civil bodies.

You can also report concerns directly to your club, county FA or to The FA or Kick It Out via:

You can contact Sparta FC y calling our hotline on 0844 3579140 and speak to our welfare officer in confidence or you can email directly to [email protected]

we do advise that yopu contact the club officials first in confidence to resolve any issues you may have.

you can also contact the fa directly below


Investigations may take place at club, county, FA or police level and this is determined on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances



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